HTTP API Runtime Proxy
Early Access Preview

HARP is a forward HTTP proxy that operates as a sidecar for your application.

It improves the performance, reliability and observability of your application's API usage.

You focus on business value, we take care of technical correctness.

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Forward Proxy

HTTP standard compliant by default, fully customizable when needed.


Easily observe your production application with statistics and transactions audit log.

Flexible Storage

From one-liner development SQLite to production SQL servers with separate binary storage.

Builtin Cache

Faster API responses, lowered network trafic, and reduced load on your services.

Audit Trail

External data or service related incidents will never be a mystery again.

Circuit Breaker

Protect your services from cascading failures and keep your application running.

Communications you actually understand

Clean API exchanges

Although we love italian food, we prefer spaghetti not to run on our servers. HARP helps you simplify your service and flux cartography.

A clear service cartography that anyone can understand.
Observable .
One route to rule them all, no headaches looking for the right logs.
Adding or removing API-related logic is bound to the target, not each consumer.
Common features like caching, rate limiting, logging, transformation are implemented once, and most likely builtin. Don't repeat yourself.
Without HARPWith HARP
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Quick Overview

The builtin dashboard provides a quick overview of your system's health regarding API usage.

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Audit Trail

The transactions audit trail provides a detailed view of all API calls made by your application. Never get surpised, your team will always know what went wrong.

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Give your team the tools they deserve.
Start using HARP today.

HARP Core is free and open-source. HARP Professional and Enterprise editions are currently only available as early access previews. Contact us for more information.